What Our Patients Say

Dr. Willis is an Amazing chiropractor! She takes her time with you and really listens. She listens to not only what you say, but what your body is showing the issue to be. As a former athlete with a lot of issues, Dr. Willis has done a fantastic job keeping me as active as possible.

~ Melissa R.

I am so happy that I met Dr. Willis. As a chiropractor, former massage therapist, and current athlete, she understands the aches and pains that can stop me in my tracts. One of the skills she uses with me is called “Active Release Technique.” It allows my muscle knots to relax and realigns the muscles and joints to work more efficiently and pain free! She has fixed my chronic shoulder pain and the acute calf pain I developed when starting to hike long distances. I am thrilled that I can be more active than ever at the age of 49 years young.

~Kathie R.

I have known Dr. Alesha Willis since 2007, first as one of her professors at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Willis completed her chiropractic internship with me in the Life University Sport Science Institute where I observed her providing care for numerous athletes in different settings. I was so impressed with Dr. Willis’ skills that I asked her to provide care for me. She has been my chiropractor for several years, helping me to overcome several chronic injuries, and her care is the reason that I am active at my current level. Her ability to integrate chiropractic adjusting, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation makes her unique as a sports injury and performance doctor.

~ Dr. David Ward, Lone Tree Chiropractic, Lone Tree, CO

I went to see Dr. Willis after suffering with constant low back and leg pain from two bulged disks. My goal was to deal with the pain without resorting to surgery and to be able to regain my ability to move freely for activities like yoga. I had had another recurrence of acute pain and was unable to move comfortably. Dr. Willis worked on not only my spine but also the muscles and ligaments that all together caused my issues. It’s a technique that is new to me but that worked very well for me. She also gave me exercises to do at home (which I did) to assist in my recovery. Over a couple of months, I regained my ability to do sports and to move freely. Now, I visit Dr. Willis every three to four weeks which helps my spine and muscles stay in working order. I’m able to work out again and to not have the constant low back pain that were really debilitating. I’m very pleased with my progress and with Dr. Willis’s approach