Our Services

Our goal in working with active people is to take into account the interrelated workings of the human body to identify the underlying factors that might be inhibiting athletic performance and increasing the risk of injury. We analyze biomechanical function of the hard and soft tissue to identify where in the kinetic chain dysfunction is occurring and develop a plan to eliminate muscle imbalance, joint dysfunction and potential energy leaks. We do this by integrating a variety of treatment techniques including chiropractic, Active Release Technique – a form of soft tissue therapy, SFMA, exercise and nutrition.

We understand that your time is precious. We will work to identify the cause of your problem and with your cooperation, work to implement an effective treatment plan. Dr. Alesha spends quality time with her patients in order to help them to understand why they have pain to begin with as well as to help to get them out of pain.

At times, people find passive care to be short lasting or other problems may seem to crop up out of the blue. Depending on lifestyle and occupation, some people need to incorporate a more active approach to their chiropractic care. Finding out where the problem originates is the first step to truly correcting that problem.

A selective functional movement assessment identifies interruption in the kinetic chain and proves as a useful tool in finding the source of the problem. A lot of the time, the source of the problem is not where the pain is located. A functional assessment requires a highly trained eye and a skillful “hands on” analysis from the practitioner. The results of the functional assessment will identify kinetic chain interruption and areas of dysfunction of which a functional rehabilitation plan consisting of corrective exercise and Active Release Technique is instituted.

The corrective chiropractic plan will ensure optimum function and allow the body to move freely without kinetic chain breakdown and commonly associated pain.